Need Help out of a bad situation asap!

Tms21390, PA

Hi, First off I would like to say thank you, if you took the time out of your day to read this! I am a 22 year old female in major need of money to find an apartment ASAP! I am currently without a job or transportation in order to get a job. I don’t even have a license to be able to drive if needed & the only job opportunities are outside of my small town. Even the bus-line can’t help me, there’s only one bus stop in my town & the route has been detoured due to a bridge being replaced so the bus doesn’t stop here anymore, & I need a place now, I don’t have time to wait to find a job and save money. I live with my mom & as of recently we are not on good terms & she wants to kick me out because of my older brother. My brother & I have never gotten along, he’s always been abusive. Yea, siblings are supposed to fight but they grow out of it eventually…not my brother though he takes it to the next level & doesn’t see anything wrong with hitting females. I had a friend over one day while my brother was at work & my brother’s girlfriend found out & started problems because she didn’t like my friend. So I got into an argument with her and told her to leave my house & she wouldn’t, my brother got mad and kicked my bedroom door in & attacked me. Then His girlfriend hit me, I tried to fight back to defend myself but my brother kept throwing me to the ground so his girlfriend could have the upper hand. I had called the cops but they sent a cop that my brother is cool with so the cop didn’t do anything about my brother hitting me even though I had visible proof, a witness, and destroyed property to show I wasn’t lying. The cops had told me that there was nothing I could do to keep my brother or his girlfriend away from me and said that I probably wouldn’t be able to get a PFA or a restraining order on either of them since my brother lived in the same house. Him and his girlfriend lied to my mom and told her that they didn’t touch me, that I beat myself & told her that I was on all kinds of drugs. Which I am not nor have I ever been, I don’t even drink! I tried talking sense into my mom, but she believed them still & said to me “this isn’t the first time he’s beat you, so why does it matter now?” Then she listened to my brother when he told her that she should kick me out. I am tired of living like this, I stay in my room all day long just to avoid them. I hate not feeling safe at home or being able to have the comfort of locking my bedroom door when I’m not around, because my brother thinks he owns the place so he will help himself to anything and steal. I have tried going to the housing authority for help but no such luck, the waiting lists are all approx.. 4 months – 2 years. I don’t have that time to wait. Im physically, mentally, & emotionally drained from this & I can’t handle it much longer. I need to move ASAP & am looking to get enough money to pay security deposit and/or first month’s rent (enough to get my foot in the door) so that I can find a job close by so that I can start my life, worry free! Now I don’t expect nor want pity but I felt like I should be truthful & tell my reasons why I need money fast, I hate asking for handouts of any kind & I’m usually independent & take care of myself but due to me being unemployed at this time & my situation, I don’t know where else to turn. Whether its money to help or just some advice, I would greatly appreciate it! Again, thank you so much for your time!