Need a crutch to get on my feet

College G, Omaha, NE

Just graduated college last semester and just moved to Omaha and JUST started a new job. I would ask family for some support but my mother passed away and I've never known my father (also, no siblings) so I'm exercising my last option. My car just broke down last week and I used all of my savings ($400) and what I had left of in my bank account ($150). After all my expenses getting moved in a new apartment (furniture AKA milk crates) and getting my car fixed, I'm as broke as I've ever been in my life. I get paid Friday, but just need a couple dollars to get me by until Friday. I live about 3 miles from work so I can walk that distance so I don't have to spend money on gas but I also have to pay a meter on my street. To cover the meter for a whole day, it's $2.50 and parking tickets are $16.50 a pop. I currently have $2 in my bank account and $4 in change so I'll be skimming it pretty bad there. If you can spare a guy a buck or whatever you can muster up, I would be in your debt for a life time. Thank you for reading this and thank you for considering donating me money.