Medical, Christmas, basic needs

PLEASE HE, Crestview

Hi, My name is Ashley and I am the proud mother of a beautiful 7yr old boy named Sammy! I recently have lost my only source of income due to yet another surgery I had to have and as a result had to take time off. Unfortunatly because of that they had to replace me and now Im sitting here terrified of whats going to become of us! I have several medical issues but most serious being my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. In my life I have had a grand total of 14 surgeries and Im at the young age of only 24! Most of them have been because of the cysts I continue to get reaching enourmus sizes as big as a grapfruit. Some of them have been precancerous and each time I have to have them surgically removed then tested. No matter what I do I continue to get them and they are extremely painful. I also have had several issues with my left leg from an accident several years prior and Continue to get treatment for that and still have hardware in my leg to this day....I could continue to tell you all the multipul tragedies that are my life but instead Ill get to my point. Since I lost my job because of my last surgery I havent been able to support me and my son. Just recently I have had to swallow my pride and recieve food from food banks just to ensure that we can eat. This is literally killing me. Not only do I not know how I am going to be able to take care of my son but I am at a loss as to what I can do to afford to take care of myself and maintain my treatment Im recieving from my Doctors. I have monthly appointments that cost me $175.00 per month that my insurance wont cover plus my medicine costs me a grand total of almost $500.00 per month that again my insurance wont cover!!! I could hardly afford to buy all my medicine before but now I am afraid that its hopless! Without my medical treatment it would be impossible for me to continue to function and look for new work! I really dont know what to do at this point! I love my son so very much and Ive been a single mom to him since the day he was born, always doing the best I can. But now its the Holidays and Christmas is upon us and above my more important concerns, I dont know what to do to ensure he has a great Christmas. He doesnt understand nor does he deserve this! November 25th was his birthday, it just passed, and it broke my heart to not even be able to give the child I love SO much even one gift this year! I dont want to see the same dissapointment in his eyes for Christmas that I saw on this day! We are struggling to keep are spirits up and this is truly my last resort! Please help us! Anything anyone can do would be so appreciated. You will never find a more thankful family in the entire world for anything you can do! Please keep us in your prayers this season and be our HERO if you can. God Bless