Low on funds, Moving

Wally A, Canada

A little about me ... I'm a 26 year old man, I've worked since grade 8. Have always covered my own expenses through work and saving money for the things I need and want. I'm a very proud person, and have avoided asking my parents for money since I picked up my first job in grade 8. Why am I begging? Well, I've been off work due to having surgery on my wrist and elbow. My bank account is ridiculously low. I have no money coming in. I am weeks away from being released to return to work. AND, my roommate has decided to give our apartment up, and it's in her name, which means I need to come up with money to find a place to live. I don't expect you to give me money, I am merely asking those who may have some extra to consider it. I do not feel entitled to your money, but you would certainly make me incredibly grateful and indebted!