Just need a hand up

Becca, Louisiana

I am a 51 yr old disabled mom of a wonderful 10 yr old boy, also disabled. We desperately need assistance. I owe a little over 3000.00 in bills due to an angry divorce. My son starts summer school next week and I desperately need school uniforms. We live on SSI and a small food stamp allotment, there is just no way I can do this alone any more. I do not receive child support, we were in the middle of finalizing my sons adoption when hubby cut the cord. If anyone wants, needs, or can help, my e-mail address is mammajoojoo@aol.com, I will answer any questions there. I have tried all charitable, church, and government agencies just to be turned away. I also have a paypal account if anyone wants to just donate, tessablack62@aol.com is my paypal account. Thank you so much for taking time out to read my beg, Blessed day to everyone. Rebecca Garner Houma Louisiana