I\'m Losing everything

HelpG, Ct

Hello, My name is Gina, It is my Birthday on March 8th and this is the worst month of my life, not because I wont be celebrating this year but because I lost my job and I might not have a home. Ive been saving every penny I get, I havent eaten a real meal in weeks just so I could pay rent and bills and I still dont have enough. Its just me and my dog living here, noone to split costs with. I made just about $100 selling things from my home on ebay but I didnt know paypal & Ebay make you wait 21 days for the funds to become available. Please, If there is anyone who can help..I tried my hardest, I dont know what else to do. I'm absolutely terrified. I dont have facebook, I never had the time to set it up please dont let that effect my credibility, I will answer any questions and if your considering helping me but are concerned because I dont have facebook, maybe we can think of something that proves this is real and serious. Thank you Gina