hey guys:)

Hottboy92, Michigan

i been down on my luck for awhile now and this snowing weathers not helping at all:( lol. i have to walk every were even to get grocerys most of the time i live at home with my mom bc i help her out she has really bad back problems and been off work with no pay shes going threw the process off ssi.her car broke down and i never had one yet in my life and ever time we get one thing fixed on hers another thing goes wrong it hasint been on the road in over a year.. i had bad luck all my live since i was a little kid. i made some dumb choices i regret and got introuble at 17 and its haunting me to this day im 24 now no one will hire me and its impossible to keep looking its been a snowy winter:( i hate winter lol .. 2,000$ would be a blessing but any donations would be great ty for taken the time to read my post=)