Help with Rent

Trying no, Houston,

Hello! I know everyone has story, I would truly appreciate a minute of your time to read mine. Six months ago I was living in a house with my 7 year old son. Our landlord told us we had a week to move. We ended up living in a hotel in here in Houston. I was working but it was not enough. I took out payday loans until I could no longer get approved just trying to get by hoping my job would get better. It didn't. Lacking friends or family who were able to help, we ended up sleeping in my car. I got another job. The company shut down two months after I got hired. I was able to get us back into an apartment before they closed. Once again, I found a job. I am waiting tables, working doubles as much as possible. The problem - I just got out of training, which took two weeks. Now I am behind on rent and have six days to come up with $600. It's heartbreaking for me. My son is having seperation issues because I am working so much and homeless made him very afraid of us being seperated. The holidays are coming, I have given up on the idea of giving my son any presents. The ONE thing I would like to do for him this year, is not lose our home. Please help us, everydollar counts in keeping us off the streets. Thank you in advance for your kindness!