Help with Disability, Please.

PleaseHel, Canada

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my story. I am a 40-something-year-old single male. I have experienced a number of severe health issues, which began at age 18. Up until approximately three years ago, my health was such that I was able to obtain and maintain full-time employment. Then, my conditions worsened to the point where I can only work on a casual, part-time basis. I am currently receiving a small disability benefit that is not even enough to keep up with my bills and medical expenses. I have been so independent for my whole life, and now I ask for the kindness of strangers as a last resort. You may ask why I don't ask my family for help. My parents are both deceased, as is my only sibling. I have friends, but they are not well-off and cannot spare extra money to help me. I plan to start an internet-based business, in which I can work from home at times where my health conditions allow, but in the meantime, please could someone help me. I cannot afford my rent right now, let alone business start-up costs. Even a small donation would help more than you will ever imagine and I would be forever genuinely appreciative. Thank you for reading my post. God bless.