help a hereo

Kmodern, Salt lake

This is hard for me to do while holding back my tears, but here it goes. My husband is not only a United States Naval Veteran of the Gulf War he is the strongest man I know. In 2007 he suffered a Massive right brain stroke and should be dead the doctors said. We lost everything but my husband and father to our children. He refused to give up and go on disability and worked hard to return to local truck driving and hides his disability extremely well from others he does not want sympathy; he just wants to keep supporting his family. After three months he got enough function back to qualify getting the medical hold off his license and returned back to work it wasn’t pretty but he pushed through and was getting the job done. In January 2012 he was laid off and moved us to the city where more work options was available. He landed a job and now one year later the company lost their contract and he is out of work again. He has never been able to rest or recovery from the stroke and I am beginning to see the stress of losing everything and the toll it is taken on him and I am afraid he is going to suffer another stroke and the doctors say if he does it will surely kill him. I haven’t been much help due to myself suffering from Fibromyalgia. A friend told me about this site and my husband does not know I am doing this but he would be shocked and miracle answered if I got us help. So I am reaching out to people to help me carry the load for him for a brief moment until my hero gets back into the fight. Thanks in advanced and god bless