Lucas, Kenya

Hi everyone, my name is Lucas. Having been raised in a poor family, I didn't make it far in education, I have tried from sales marketing, borrowing money opening small business but nothing seems to work for me. Right now I have a huge debt that I don't know when I'll pay it. I'm requesting any good Samaritan to please donate any amount, I believe I'll wipe the dust and match on. as I'm typing this, I have some pain in my abdomen that's really worrying me a lot, I have gone to the hospital four (4) times this year alone, treated with antibiotics but still feel the pain, I'd like to go for a thorough diagnosis but I cant afford the charges. and if worst happens, God forbid, I'm not ready to carter for the bills, please help me. Any contribution will be highly appreciated, thank you in advance and God bless you.