feed my children, pay school fees,buy my children a bed

Rhonda, South Afr

Good morning I have a long story,so please bare with me, its been years of hardship. in 2003 my entire family and myself moved from South Africa to New Zealand, at the time I already had my daughter so I didn't fall under my family to gain residency, I met a man from NZ ,got married and soon discovered we were expecting a child. the marriage was an abusive one,where he wouldn't allow me to apply for my residency as it was his control over me. I suffered physically at his hands terribly, my biggest fear was that he'd turn on the children and hurt them. so I packed mine and the children's things and ran to my parents. he immediately contacted the immigration department and reported me as illegal. I managed to get a job under a skilled migrant category and gained a work permit under that category. I worked hard and studied even harder, by the time I was 25 I was running a private hospital and rest home, suddenly immigration changed their policy, care givers for the elderly were no longer considered a skilled shortage and I was facing deportation again. I fought hard, as my deportation would mean I would have to leave my son behind because his father wouldn't consent to him leaving the country . my fight to remain in new Zealand lasted 5 long years, my ex was convicted of a heinous crime, which relinquished him of any parental right to our son. my fight was lost. in August 2011 I was deported to south Africa, my children and I had no one,no where to live and no family to turn to. we bid farewell to every one we had the day we left nz. I had no money, no job,I had to find a way to place my children in school. I eventually found a job serving customers in a bakery,that gave me enough money to pay rent only. in 2012 I met my now husband at the bakery, we got married in 2013 and our son was born in November 2013. my husband earns R4000 a month, our rent is R3000 of that, the school is suing me for school fees,most days we don't eat, we don't even have beds to sleep on, because we just don't have the money to buy food let alone furniture. I'm begging you please see fit to help my family,let me be able to buy my children beds, pay their school fees maybe even get them school uniforms, please see fit to help us, we are so far past desperate now,I have no idea what I'm feeding my babies tonight, if you can help please email me purplediva82.ra@gmail.com