Debt & immanent baby

Wannabe d, North Eas

I am a 32-year-old married man with mounting debts… in excess of £30,000. Accumulated from university costs, moving for work and some medical expenses for my wife. My wife and I both have full time work but once the debt repayments are made there is barely enough to cover the rent and food let alone pay for heating now the winter is here. We have also just recently found out that we are to become parents for the first time and I am terrified that we aren’t going to be able to even put a roof over our new babies head if things go on as they are. My dream is to be able to pay off the debts and provide a good home for our upcoming family addition. Any donations from 1p to 30K will be warmly received and every penny will go towards us being debt free in the shortest possible time. My thanks in advance for your kind donations. I also welcome bitcoin too... 18QzRzN6Ae82S68VumS2tJMeiLywt8WeWa