cos i wanted to try once

Orangkert, My

i have no reason to beg desperately. it looks fun and i wanna see if anyone willing to spare some extra to a total stranger. part of you gifted more than i do so why not share some. im not that poor to extend not eating for a couple of days but i do need money atm. im self employed doing plantation/agri and such but the whole market seems down for quite some time. cost keep increasing day by day to the point those net profits just not worth it. i dare say doing part time job at kfc more profitable than what im doing right now. quit the job after 5years of struggle just wont do. doing loan is out of question when paying back is gonna be dubious. So any small change for bills and such is appreciated. tyvm. i do believe ill still get some with this kind of story. if not ill really act like a beggar next time T_T