Cops screwing me and my family need help ASAP

Rhonda, Ks

Ok the cops in this town do NOT want us here. My husband was on probation for something he did NOT do. Well they picked him up an said he has a violation of probation. That was all paid in full the first part of May well June 6 we got a letter saying they revoked his probation. We have asked help from lawyers around here an they tell me they can't help. With my husband sitting in jail we have no money an we have a 4 yr old at home. The cops an everyone here will not tell me anything. They dropped our food stamps we get nothing. We were living back in this town because we had no place to go so a friend of ours told us we can leave here an work on the house to pay rent an utilities while my husband only has jobs on the side to pay for everything else. We are trying to move to West Virginia so I can attend college. Any help please.