Broke college student wanting to continue studies at all costs

ThirdWorl, Serbia

Hello anonymous person, as the title suggests, I'm just another broke student. I'm from a south-eastern third world country in Europe where jobs and money are very hard to come by. Recently the government of my country has made a decision to cut down on paychecks, well-fare, pension checks and raise the prices of almost everything (utility bills, gas, food) all to try and keep the country from going bankrupt. I'm a 23 year old IT student, I work a full time job in IT that pays for most of the bills and food. My parents and elders finance my studies but they have recently expressed their concern about the lack of funds for my studies. To be very honest, I'm not planing on quitting/pausing my studies because many who have, never continued. I have minimal expectation from this last resort shot in the dark, but I will be forever grateful to anyone willing to help me. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Sincerely , just another broke student.