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Need money for dental implants

Somebody , Portland

I was recently in a mountain bike accident where I suffered a serious concussion, a broken shoulder and fractured arm, and lost a several teeth from the impact. I've tried going through insurance but the only thing I qualify for or can get is limited basic at best ( they'll cover cleanings but nothing major). I don't know what to do or where to turn. I just want to be able to go back to eating solid foods, and to be able to smile and laugh and show emotions again. And not be ashamed or embarrassed about my appearance. Any help you can give me in helping to get my life back is greatly appreciated.

Need new work clothes as I am no longer the 1 in 3 person in overweight statistics

NotFatAny, Chicago,

I have recently lost over 65 pounds naturally with diet and exercise to stop being one of those gross overweight people you see out there, yet my new physique is being hidden by clothing that is way too big for my now slimmer frame. In fact, I look like a homeless person at work who is wearing a giant sack cloth as opposed to professional clothing. By feeling more confident about myself appearance wise, I believe I will get farther in my current position and then finally be able to afford my own new clothes, but for now, I need some help achieving this goal. Thank you very much for supporting a healthy lifestyle and future fiscal success in advance!

Midgets Needed

Dwarf, Middle Ea

Hello Shorties, I'm trying to raise money so I can hire some midgets to help me out around the house doing the 'little things' that often get overlooked. Thanks!

Need Revenge

Bruce Lee, Chicago,

Ninjas killed my family. I need money for kung-fu lessons.

My Jeep Wrangler needs brakes badly.

Help my J, Schaumbur

Patrons and Fellow eBeggars, lend me your ears! Yesterday, on my way home from my minimum wage job, the brake pedal on my trusty and loyal Jeep started pulsing and grinding like I was stepping on a bag of gravel. The brakes on my Jeep have worn past the level of safety and I have no other choice but to continue to drive it around... or lose my job! Please lend a helping hand to a Jeeper in need so I can get enough to buy new parts and travel with confidence in my brakes.
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