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Need new work clothes as I am no longer the 1 in 3 person in overweight statistics

NotFatAny, Chicago,

I have recently lost over 65 pounds naturally with diet and exercise to stop being one of those gross overweight people you see out there, yet my new physique is being hidden by clothing that is way too big for my now slimmer frame. In fact, I look like a homeless person at work who is wearing a giant sack cloth as opposed to professional clothing. By feeling more confident about myself appearance wise, I believe I will get farther in my current position and then finally be able to afford my own new clothes, but for now, I need some help achieving this goal. Thank you very much for supporting a healthy lifestyle and future fiscal success in advance!

I am on my own

LonelyGur, Pennsylva

I am begging because i need to get money to live. A month in the summer i had been kicked out and lived on my own for 2 months before i went to school. I was all fine and dandy till the bills for school came around. Now i am officially broke. I am trying to go back to my commmunity college and earn some money but i have no place to go. I am homeless and poor. the only money i have is the money the government gave me to go to school but it isnt money i can use to live. So i beg you guys to help me get through this. I love helping people so i am studying psychology. Help me get my degree by donating money so that i can live and go to school! thanks so much!

Midgets Needed

Dwarf, Middle Ea

Hello Shorties, I'm trying to raise money so I can hire some midgets to help me out around the house doing the 'little things' that often get overlooked. Thanks!

Need Revenge

Bruce Lee, Chicago,

Ninjas killed my family. I need money for kung-fu lessons.

I desperately need a sex change

Sexy, Brooklyn,

Hello peeps, I desperately NEED a sex change operation ASAP. I've been working my tail off and saving every last penny for the last two years and yet I am still several thousand dollars short of having enough money for my operation. I've even resorted to stripping in the evenings at a local gentleman's club in the Bronx. It's been a dream of mine since I was a child to become a woman, so please, I beg you, to donate to the cause and help me fulfill my ultimate goal of becoming the sexiest woman this side of the Mississippi! Hugs and Kisses, Sexy