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need to move

Moonie, Ny

my landlord just kicked me out...he's not paying the mortgage and now wants to sell the condo I lived in for 5 years! this is a totally unexpected expense and I just don't have the money to move. If I don't get money, my little doggie and I will be homeless. Please help me ...Bless you.

School trip To D.C.

Chaytan, Atlanta

Hello, My students have been talking about going on an end of the year trip. This school year is pretty much over but I would like to try and get something going for next year. They have worked hard this year and I think they deserve it. I know that many of the students will not be able to pay full cost. Im really in need of help, because this class is really bright and will have a good future. Anything right about now will be great. Thanks for taking your time to read this.

We need a house

Peter, Malaysia

Actually i am a teacher, i have two daughters, a wife and an old car, living in employee's quarters, i lost all my money and fell into deep debts with huge loans because of helping my brother's internet cafe business which finally ended up with heavy debts, the money supposed to be buying our house all gone. Now i can't afford to buy a house and have to pay a lot of bills. You may say i am a dumb silly idiot, losing own self to help others, but that exactly happened to me and my family. I have tried everything to get money but really it's beyond my ability to solve the problem. I can't find any good method to get a house for my family. Finally i came to these cyberbeg and begging for money, i just want USD $60000.00 to set up a little apartment for my family, i hope someone can help me for this, if you need proof all about what i have mentioned i would send you a copy of all those document of simply send you all contact numbers of bank or department to investigate about myself. Please help me, i just need a little apartment for my family. Thank you very much.

Light Bill

Trying, Virginia

I am a father of a one year old little girl. I work with autistic children but that doesn't pay the bills. I need some money to pay the electric bill .... PLEASE HELP!!!

Starting a new life

2luvbirds, FL

Me and my fiance (both 25)have been working our butts off for years in restaurants, and just cant seem to get anywhere. So we sat down and decided that we needed to get out of town and start our own life. our families are crazy and its time to be on our own, before they drag us down anymore. We live in FL and are looking to move to TN. We have some money saved but definitely not enough to pack up and go. We could use $1000. it will give us enough money to pay put down payment on an apartment, and hopefully so we can get married. I know most people think this is a stupid reason, but the love we have is nothing short of a miracle. i owe my sobriety and life to my wife-to-be and i just cant seem to make it with a basic cook job. i just want to give her everything but i cant. so  I am asking for help. ur not just helping me ur helping US.
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