Abusive employer...need a fall back plan.

Help me g, Kisumu, K

I applied for a job in an Indian company based in a different town (Kisumu, Kenya) from where I come from (Nairobi, Kenya) four years ago. I made a deal with my employer that after 3 months of the probation period I will get permanently employed and will get a salary increment double what I earn now. I work long hour’s 12 - 14 hrs a day and earn only 15,000 KES approx 174 dollars per month. My requests to get my employment status reviewed have been ignored and for the last four years I have been working as a casual without any kind of benefits. My efforts to look for a new job in my home town so that I can be close to my family yields little success, Jobs are not easy to come by. I cannot quit this job until am sure I have a fallback plan. I have been trying to save some money to start a business but because of my peanuts pay, school tuition loan and living expenses, I am not able to move forward. I need 2500 Dollars as financial aid so that I can relocate back to Nairobi and start a Cyber cafe, Computer parts and Movies sales business. Please find it in your heart to help me make a step forward, take a stand in life and leave my abusive employer. Thank you for taking time to read my post. God Bless you.