Abandonned and stuck in Japan

Stuck in , Japan

My Japanese wife and I have recently had a baby and I have also been made redundant. Due to my lack of job and lack of income my wife left in the middle of the night with the baby and went back to her parents house. Leaving me here with nothing at all. As I am not Japanese I could not get services such as electricity, water and gas and her sister has now threatened to turn them off later this week. I am in a dire situation where I really miss my child and wife but I have no way of supporting myself. Job applications are in but nobody is responding. I just want to get back to England. Even if it means I live on the streets there, it's better than being in a country where I have no friends or family and I don't speak much of the language. As of right now I haven't eaten since monday last week, I only have water to drink which is enough and I have no phone service to contact my wife on. Her sister sent me emails of an aggressive nature which I checked at the local net cafe but there has been nothing from my wife. It looks like she gives up. Can anybody help ? I am reaching out now and I have been to the local authorities to ask for help. The police said there is no law in Japan covering abduction of a child and to be honest, I don't want her to get in trouble. I need to gracefully back out of this situation without causing a problem for anyone.