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Desperatly need temporary help...

Please He, Pennsylva

I never thought I would have to beg — either online or any other way. It’s humiliating, but I desperately need your help. I am, for the moment, unemployed, but will begin a new job within the next couple of weeks — and, of course, my first pay will not come for a few weeks after that. I am, at the moment, literally penniless. I do, thank God, have a place to stay, but no money for gas or food. To make my stress level worse, the day before we were to move from one state to another, my wife suddenly and unexpectedly left me — said she was going out for food and never returned. Anything I have heard from her since has been hateful and vitriolic. So a happy holiday season is pretty much out of the question, but my concerns are more mundane: I just need a few hundred dollars to get me through the month… then I’ll be able to pick up the pieces and start again. I’m now 60 years old, completely alone… and I never expected my life to be like this at 60. Anyway, a sincere wish from me to you for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And I will do whatever I can, once on my feet again, to take the kindnesses I have been shown, and to pay them forward. I now know what it’s like. Thank you so very much…

Car help

Want to b, NJ

Long story short. I have been in a bad situation for some years. I have not had parental support..I am only now twenty years old and I am trying to go to college in the fall. I know I can do it if I just had a car. I have tried finding work and it is hard to find some walking distance..I have a valid license but that does nothing without a vehicle. I am temporarily staying around the area with friends but it is not permanent. I know I am about to be homeless and plan to find just.. a cheap car and live out of it (Id rather know that I have something that gets me there and that says Im not stuck sleeping outside at night, I am terrified of being homeless and sleeping outside.. I will not only be attending college, but will be finding work.) I will be moving to a different state with it and living out of it while I attend a college nursing program for two years. I really wholeheartedly appreciate any help I can get. It almost doesnt feel right to ask but… I am running out of options. It is for a good cause and Im trying to use it to become self sufficient. I just want to be self sufficient. I know its possible.. Thank you to all those who help me on my way to car ownership and the chance to do something with my life.

Dying from ovarian cancer and need treatment

Dee D., Ann Arbor

Hello friends;My name is Dee and I am a 53 year old Michigan woman fighting ovarian cancer since 1994. I am also a nanny.Its getting close to a time I must leave my job of 5 years due to not having energy tokeep up with 5 year old child… It has since spread to my spine and now my colon. I have recieved radiation and can get it no longer.I do not believe chemo is for me. In 2006 I was told I had 6 months to live. I actually laughed and told the doctors only God knows my expiration date! My research over the years has led me to try a last ditch effort to live, with vitamin c infusions. I had my first consultation and was able to pay the $240 fee but I can not pay the more than $200 for the twice a week sessions that I must have for a year. If an angel is able to help me,I may be able to see my grandson grow up! In 1994 I asked God to let me see my son graduate high school and now he’s 27 with a child of his own on the way. Thank you to all that may bless me and may you be blessed 7 fold.

please help us

hi this is my first time at this so i dont know if it works or not,so this is my situation.me,my partner and 8 children have been in a small 3 bedroom house now for about 7 years and i suppose all im asking for is someone to give me advice or loan maybe loan me the money to get out the situation we are in as we dont have a great deal of money.i have asked friends and family and just cant get the help,didnt really want to ask like this as i dont like to impose on other people,but i have no other choice.
theres me my wife and 8 children we have no problem with anyone wanting to meet us so they can see the home we live in and see how many children we have.i feel like a failure to my children and wife and like i said im willing to try anything now to make a better life for my wife and children.
so thankyou for taking the time to look at this and hope to hear from you soon.

Starting over after a Divorce

Jonesyyy, New Port

I lost all my money to my ex-wife during our divorce! She took all the money out of the accounts, moved out a left with nothing. I had to use all my IRA money to hire lawyer for a divorce and now I owe over $5000 in back taxes for early withdraw of my IRA. She took all the money from our house. Now I am trying to start over and raise some money to get a place and pay off all my bills.

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