A Better Life For My Children

Angel S., Watts, Ca

Hi, im Angel. And i have three boys that 12, 9, 7. I love my boys. U see we live in one of the biggest projects in los angeles, ca. I was in a shelter for a while. Now we r in low income housing. My 12 try to kill him self in april because of be bullied. Right before that my husband cheated on me. We been together since 2004. Thats a long time. So now i kick him out the house, i have my son back, thank GOD. Parenting cost, i grad already. I just checking in a parent support as i speak. Im been trying to find myself and think about whats best for these men im rasing. Its not easy. I dont have a dad, uncle, or brother that can talk to them. I want to go back to school. Im a depressed people. Im on ssi and im only 30y. I take med for my illness. I just need a little. Please, Lord bless everyone in the world world……..sumler26a@aol.com……html.sumler26a@aol.com. THANK U EVERYONE FOR ALL UR HELP,

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  1. tammy.halls@yandex.com says:

    Can you make use of $500 for anything it can take care of?
    if yes pls send me a message to tammy.halls@yandex.com
    and iwill work it out for you this week

    • sumler26a says:

      Morning. How r u? Great I hope and pray. Yes that would b a big help to us at this moment. And God bless u. Please contact me back. If u can. Thank u

  2. rtangelgoa says:

    good day.. first of all, i want to introduce my self my name is angel patricia go i also wrote in this site last year where you also wrote and ask for a help. i just want to tell you that i can help you. i can help you not financialy but i wil tell you that there are still good person in this world who are wiling to help people in need like us. they are mr and mrs gonzaga they dont have children so they prefer to help people in need. he help me and my family pay our debts which is 76,000usd.. i am so thankful that there are stil such good samaritan like them and i hope that they wil also help you and pls dont tel them that i am the one who told you about them because they only help people who deserve it thats what i can do.i just want to share this blessing. tell them your story they wil listen. hope they wil help you too like what they did to me and my family.good luck and god bless. if you are interested just let me know email me at mayetgo@gmail.com

  3. Stacyhelp says:

    willing to help text back for more info (540) 315-7058

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