Single dad with 5 y/o looking to clear bills.

Sean1991, Dublin

Hi my name is Sean,

I have a 5 year old daughter.Mother has moved on.

I am unable to work enough hours to clear my backlog of bills and face eviction,rising school costs and not being able to provide food.

I am not looking for a lot,just enough to feed my daughter and keep the a roof over her head.

Need Help Getting Back to School


My name is Joseph Walker and I am trying to make $4000 to give to my school so I can go back to college and graduate. I am 21 years old and I dropped my engineering classes this past fall 2014 semester so I could go into nursing. After I dropped, my funds were taken from me and the funds that were already used were charged back to me because i get a grant and didn’t fully earn it. I now cannot go back to school until i pay the funds back. The counselor said that the minimum payment, which is all i can afford right now, will take 2 years to pay it off. I am trying to get help so i can go back now because i can’t put my life on hold for 2 years. All donations are accepted and appreciated. My paypal email is Thanks for all the support.



Hi my name is Marie, I’m a 26yr old female trying to make a good life, I work full time, live alone (with a cat) & seriously struggling to make ends meet. Does anybody else find it a struggle just paying the bills? Iv been screwed over by npower twice now, each time iv moved residence & am now in arrears almost £900. Some weekends I eat just vegetables as it’s cheaper (and therefore don’t have to pay gym membership!) I literally have have one radiator in my tiny apartment but daren’t even put it on incase my energy company screw me over with huge bills again. I work through the day so have taken to getting into belief as soon as I get home with blankets & hot water bottles to keep me warm

Things to Know Just before Purchasing a Swimming pool Table

SP, Santo And

You have actually chosen to get a swimming pool table, but you don’t understand anything about them. Well loosen up, I will certainly offer you all the info that you’ll need to know before acquiring one.

You require to understand your budget. The amount of are you about to spend? pool table movers tables can be purchased for as low as a couple hundred bucks to as long as several thousand dollars with some tables varying as high as $20,000 or even more!

Second, after choosing your budget then you have to make a decision where you will certainly place your table. Do you have actually the area should establish a pool table. Tables vary in sizes from 4′x6′ to 5′x10′. General rule is; you require a minimum of 5′ around the table in order to have the ability to play without striking the wall or various other things.

Third, now that you have set forth the space as well as you have a budget plan in mind; where will you get your table? Will you purchase one from a site such as Craigslist or eBay or are you located near a shop that offers pool tables? We commonly sell tables on Craigslist and we have actually commonly discovered terrific quality pool tables on Craigslist, however “caveat emptor” or caveat emptor, some deals are as well good to be true.

Fourth, how will you get your new table residence? A great deal of sellers will claim in their advertisement “bring lots of help, this table is heavy”. I claim this; NEVER EVER relocate a table unharmed. Pool tables need to be entirely taken apart before moving. If you move a table unharmed, you not just risk ruining the table, however you risk wounding on your own. It is most ideal to call a professional swimming pool table movers table mover to move your table and also set it back up for you.

Now that you have every little thing in place lets talk concerning what you will need to look for when buying a pool table. When clients call me and also ask exactly what is the one point they need to look for prior to acquiring a swimming pool table, I emphasize one word, SLATE! A good quality table will certainly have a slate playing surface area. A poor quality, low-end table will certainly have a fragment board or MDF playing surface these tables we in the sector decision ” throw out” tables. They do not hold up effectively as well as are effortlessly ruined. They do not stand up to hefty having fun use.

When purchasing a table, look for brand names such as Brunswick, Olhausen, or Gandy these tables will certainly hold their value.

Look at the structure of the table. In Florida, we typically view sellers selling pool tables that are plagued with termites.

Check out the felt/cloth. Is it fit or does it seem to need replacing? Consider that it will cost regarding $295 yet up to change it if it does require replacing.

Look at that pockets. Are they fit or are they worn away and ruined? Plastic decrease pockets are rather cost-effective to change, however the expense to replace leather pockets can be quite expensive.

A test you could do to establish if the bumpers are still excellent is to begin at one end of the table and roll the round will some force versus the various other end of the table. A excellent bumper will provide you at the very least 3 bounces back as well as forth.

If you are still unclear on whether you are obtaining a good deal; get in touch with a person who is knowledgeable in billiard tables and they can assist you via the acquiring process.

A pool table is a excellent investment that could offer you and your family members with years of satisfaction.

For more information about pool table movers review the webpage.

could you help me and my cat during difficult times?


Hello and thank you to whoever takes a moment of their precious time to read this message..

I have never done anything like this before and I’m a little apprehensive.. but I was taught to be honest and humble enough to ask for help if I really needed it, by an amazing mother who I miss dearly.

I am going through some really rough times at the moment..

Suffering from anxiety and depression,

Getting in debt with rent and council tax because I am too messed up to answer the door and sort things out..

I am now £2500 in rent arrears because the council stopped paying housing benefit as I failed to reply to the letters sent to me.

I have had five years out of work due to a nervous/mental breakdown where I was put on antidepressants due to stress.. however, on 26/09/2013 I was given the opportunity to partake in voluntary work for a local artist .. and I have always found art and creativity an escape from my problems.. so I decided to try and get myself back on track..

He taught me how to sculpt with foam, creating dinosaurs, and I was part of helping to build an animatronic dinosaur attraction.

Unfortunately, where the attraction was built, the land owner prevented us from making any money by abusing our trust and withholding all of our ticket sales, and by falsifying invoices and neglecting to supply us with electricity.

I am now lucky enough to be included in a new venture that will become an indoor attraction and without the risk of a third party putting a spanner in the works (to put it mildly) and if all goes well, I shall become employed and also have a percentage of the annual profit as a good will gesture for loyalty and sticking with the project for so long.. although secretly, I think the guy who I volunteer for has helped me far more than I could ever help him.

However, at the moment, I am struggling with the pressure of having to live on £25.00 per week left over from the ESA I claim, for gas, electricity and food while volunteering every day to help get this place up and running. (volunteering for this project is the only thing that has kept me going through my depression and if it wasn’t for this opportunity and prospects, I’m not sure I would have kept my sanity.

I live alone and have to pay extra on rent for the arrears caused by my illness.. and because I live alone in the flat that I have lived in for over 10 years that just happens to have a very small room that is classed as a bedroom, regardless of the fact that there isn’t a bed.

Also just recently one of my two 18 year old cats (Jack) that I have looked after and cared for since I adopted them from a rescue center aged 2, well, he didn’t come home for the first time in 16 years.. and it’s been over two months now :’(.. and (Thomas) his brother hasn’t been the same since.. he keeps biting his fur out if I’m away for more than a few hours :( But I have to be away throughout the day the benefit of both of us.. I just think he misses me.. and his bro.. Maybe he could dine on fresh fish every day instead of tinned food once this project is up and running..

But I do the best I can and try to get him to eat all the best food I can afford even though I am struggling myself.

If there is anyone out there who would be kind enough to help someone who is trying hard to finally get their life sorted out and to a stage where financial problems are no longer a worry.. someone who has sacrificed a lot so that he can be a part of making people smile. every kid loves dinosaurs right? :)

If you would be awesome enough to make it easier for me and my cat to carry surviving while I try to work to wards some kind of future, and maybe even become in a position to invest more than just my time and hope.. then You know yourself that you are an amazing person, and will have all the good karma coming to you that a truly caring and genuine individual deserves.

Thank you for considering us,

Paul, Thomas and Jack (rip)

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