HELP!! my mom needs help with rent


I need help paying my mom rent. my dad left when i was young. my sister just passed away 3 weeks ago and we still cant get over it. me and my mom have no other family to turn to. I need to raise at least some rent. thanks for taking time out of your day to ready this. and please donate (if you can)

Get rid of loan sharks


hey, can you help her to regain her life? it takes only 1 USD to change her life again. kindly share to ur fren and family. god bless her. stoploansharknow/.blogspot/.com remove the / in the link above to start her story.

hi i need a little help please my rent is due all my bills please help me



, just a young guy, and i want to have fun while my youth lasts. Am going to lie and say that my mom is sick or am homeless. I just need 500dollars to throw a party and celebrate my 20th birthday. Life is short and i want to enjoy it while i can. PLEASE HELP

fighting with heart valve problem


Hi, i am suffering from heart valve disease and for treatment i need $20000 . due to this i am not able to work and earn money for family. So i am in deep financial crisis. So please help me with small donation. My paypal id is i would be thankful to you for this act of kindness.

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