Need money For my Father's Heart Surgery


Hi Guys! I am 23 years old. I live with my father.  He is a heart patient. There is a vein which is blocked. Due to medicines that he used he got other side effects like hearing problem. The inner part of his valve is swollen and it is getting thick day by day. Medicines have slowed down the growth of the valves but it can only be stopped by treatment.

My father has got premature retirement from a firm. We have no money.  Doctors are demanding for 5,000$. I am a student and it will take me to complete 1 year in bachelors. We are living from hand to mouth. Need help. Hurry!

Please help me for rent of a shared room


Hello, my name is Claudio and I live in Nottingham, England. Before I have been worked as a care assistant, but it’s already three months that I’m not working. I’m looking for a job, but I don’t find… and my budget is reducing. I am paying a rent of a shared room for 200 pounds monthly, utilities not included. I’m receiving the Job Seeker’s Allowance from DWP, but anyway just sufficient to live. Housing benefits request has been rejected by the Council because foreigner and not working. I am married, but my wife doesn’t live with me, but in Italy by her parents. I feel in debt with her, recently I could send only 60 pounds, because it’s already me to be in need. I hope that you, reading this post could help to give me one more time to look for a job. I’m applying for any job, but it’s not so easy at my age, 46 y.o. , to find. Thank you for what you will be able to give and also for your attention. Bye Claudio

Please help sick old lady


I am 75 years old have COPD am going to have to quit my job and I owe over $80,000 and don’t have anywhere to turn Have always paid my bills and knowing I not going to be able to do so is making my condition become more debilitating by the moment Any amount would be appreciated – I am desperate!!!

Please Help A Needy Family

Leadingpa, Missouri

We need a little assistance to help us through a rough time. We are a family of 6, my husband, our 4 kids, and myself. My husband has been laid off quite some time and has been feverishly looking for a more reliable job. I am on disability due to Multiple Sclerosis and have been in and out of the hospital a lot recently due to complications of my urostomy. We are doing everything we know to make ends meet but we have fallen a little short. We don’t typically ask for much and we have found ways to make a dollar stretch. If you could give us a little help, we would be forever grateful and promise to pay it forward when things get better. Paying it forward means a lot to us. When we purchased a new car a few years back, we gave our old car to a family who really needed a vehicle. Yes, we gave it to them, free and clear. We knew we could have made a few bucks off of the old car but it felt right giving them something they so desperately needed. Now, we have fallen on hard times and hoping someone can help us out with $200-300 this one time. I promise you will not see us asking for anymore money than this onetime. Thank you in advance. The Frederick Family

Pensioner about to be made homeless


I am a senior citizen living in rented accomodation. I have a small pension but have now used all my savings to keep a roof over my head. The rent is due soon and I do not have enough money for it, I will be evicted and as I have nowhere to go will become homeless.
I am trying to find a lodger to share the rent with and am doing all i can to find some work to increase my income but none of that will happen before the rent is due.
Please help if you can
I thank you for taking your time to read this.

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