Money for payment debts


I have need from 7500 american dollars to pay my debts. I am from YAMBOL BULGARIA

Single, working mom in desperate need of financial help


I have never asked for help publicly, but recently I find myself in a dire situation. I am a single mom (father is deceased)of a beautiful 7 year old daughter. Having recently gone through a long, nasty, expensive custody case, I was over-run with attorney bills, so i got behind on my rent. Today, I paid October’s rent which was due on the 1st. My landlord informed me that if I was late again in November, he would begin the eviction process. There is no way I can pay the rental amount again, in less than 2 weeks. So now I have the choice of paying the rent OR the utility bill (i will have to try to borrow to pay EITHER). Rent is $650 and utility bill is $480, and both are past due. We have been blessed to be in a nice home for over 4 years, and do not have the means to move, nor do we want to. My daughter has been through so much in the last few months…..I just want her to be able to remain safe and happy, in familiar surroundings. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Seeking assistance with rent OR past due utility bill, as i do not have the means to pay both. Unforeseen circumstances (custody case and legal fees) have caused me to get behind, and unable to catch up without help.

Humbly asking for financial assistance to get us through this month. I work a full-time job, and have been seeking a part-time job to supplement my income, so I do not need help on a regular basis. If i can just get caught up, and avoid eviction, my monthly income is enough to pay our bills. Please help us remain in our home. I am grateful for any amount…even $1 will help; it all adds up. Thank you for reading and have a blessed night.

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No place to live. Help save on housing


Russian reality. If there are no apartments – no registration – no health insurance, no job, no kindergarten, no school for the children, there are no benefits.
Money man enough to rent one room apartment (in poor condition) and powered with three children. I do not take a job because there is no registration and no kindergarten for the youngest child. Older children have to go to school at 7 kilometers from the house, because there is no registration only agreed to take them back. Need your own apartment, which will solve most of our!

In need of financial assistance


Please read my story, and help me if you can; it be so appreciated. I live in South Africa and due to physical disability and colostamy operation I had at end of March this year, I find it hard to do anything; been on medication which makes me extremely tired. I can’t seem to cope due to financial problems and expenses, if you will only help, no matter how small or big amount, it be so appreciated; just trying to live day by day and pay for expenses and kill the human spirit, and it feels as if all hope, is almost gone.

Need financial help with getting a car


Hello I am a 50 year old woman on disability. I am in desperate need of a car, so I can get to the store and doctor appoi tments. Please help and thank you.

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