Need Money to Avoid Eviction

MoneyforR, Texas

I lost my job 3 months ago and have not been able to find steady employment since. My family of 5 has now blown through our savings paying for medical bills for my youngest daughter. We need rent money for the month of July to avoid eviction. Please donate to a family in need who wants to stay off the streets. God bless you anything will help!

The Promises I Make To You


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The Promises I Make To You


 I can’t pay you back but I can make you some promises. 

My family, and the generations that follow, will know of this miracle and will act in kind to others. They will give as you gave, their hearts will be more tender, and their lives will then become more full. 

I will never again take anything for granted again. 

My children will know the meaning of charity and compassion. 

My wife’s broken heart will heal. 

I will continue to be a better husband, a better father, and a better son. 

Every life I touch from here on will be met with kindness. 

You will be saving a good family from destruction. My sons will not hate their father. My wife and I will cherish each other for all the years that remain. 

These are the only ways I can ever repay your help and I promise to be true to all of them. The amount I need is great but any amount will help. I don’t know what else to say and have no magic words to touch your compassion. I only ask that you search your heart and know that whatever you give will be going to great use, and you will be doing the ultimate good, saving the hopes and dreams of another. The ultimate goal is 35,000. Although I know that is an impossible hope, I still pray you can find a way help get us there. 

a single penny could make a ocean of money


Lots of stories are available in the web site but not sure what is true. I’m writing just a feeling which is only measurable those, who feel the same pain like me or who’s are jobless at the moment. I’ve lost my job at February 2014, then till today I’ve applied so many companies and beside this taking loan from all my know people to survive daily life. We are only 5members family 1.5yrs kids, Father(76yrs), Mother(58yrs), my wife n me. My parents are disabled to income so my wife slightly help to income little bit. Day by day I’m going to crazy about to get job and income money to see a smile of my family’s members. But till on no light… this is tremendous painful to me to describe like a story of my critical moment, coz I’m not a writer nor a good story maker. I just want to get involved in a job. If you feel the same pain like me or faced same critical moment then u may help me a bit. My pay pal account is –
Thank you for reading my feelings

I\'m The Only One To Get Into University

Money For, United Ki

Was brought up in a rough neighbourhood, I stuck to my studies whilst my brothers and father went off to steal and do drugs. I’m the only one in my family who got into a pretty good university up North I just need a bit more money to make the move. My aim is £10,000 to pay for flights and such but any amount would be helpful. Thank you for reading.

Help a college kid out, please.


Hi, my name is Madeline and I am 19 years old. I feel embarrassed begging for money but sometimes you need to reach out and ask for help. I know the logical answer is to “get up and get a job” but it’s not that easy. I am unable to get a job until college starts and that will not help me with getting books for school. I applied for Financial Aid which will help cover some tuition but that will not cover my books. I am currently stressing out because I start school in about a month and have no idea how I will pay for the supplies I need. I promise I am not some lazy teenager who will spent this money on stupid stuff. I really need it so I can save it up for books. It would be really helpful if you could donate. Any amount will be appreciated, even $1. Thank you for your time!

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