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My name is Dawar, Siddiquie I live in Karachi Pakistan.
I am the sole earner. The past few years have not improved my situation, my mother is sick, I can not afford a home. Mother health is mostly not right which I have to leave from office.
I am currently jobless. Many people have debts that is difficult for me to pay
Sometimes I think I should kill myself, but I could not do it. Becuse after me who will support my family.
I found this site to put post here maybe someone can help me God’s noble person.
If someone wants to help me, please email or
Bank Detail
Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan
Account Name: Dawar Siddiquie
Account Number: 01521882501 PKR
IBAN: PK82SCBL0000001521882501

Thank you
Dawar Siddiquie

Physio Therapy & Medical Bills.


Hi. My name Lisa and I live in the Uk. I am a happy 21 year old with a university degree. I had a wonderful job as a teacher, and I loved every minute of it! Unfortunately last year, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at a very early age. I had to give up my job and I am very much just at home all the time. As time goes by my illness is getting viciously worse, and I am starting to loose the feeling in my feet and in my legs, but I am hoping to stay out of a wheelchair for the time being. That is why my physio is so important at the moment, that I cherish every waking minute I can using my legs. I appreciate you reading this so much, I know there are many more people on here in need, but thank you to whoever helps me. If you would ever like to know how my progress is going, please email me. Many many thanks, Lisa x

The Less Privilege Needs Help


Calvary Greetings to you all.

My name is Mrs Susan Michael, the founder of Love In The Porters House Orphanage Home originated in Lagos Nigeria.
I am here to plead with the generous people in the world to assist me help the poor in need.
I started taking care of the less privilege the young and old people since 17th August 2010. I lost my husband 2013 and ever since then it has not been too easy for me alone. Though I do receive goodies like clothes, caned foods and sometimes money from some generous people around.
My salary alone cannot do it all. They’re 16 children under the age of 4 to 11 who are still not enrolled in school while some are in School and I still have to provide foods and medicines to keep everyone in good health. Ever since I started this mission I’ve lost 3 children who died from Malaria and Typhoid Fever. Sometimes the pressure I face makes me cry and want to do stupid things.
I am pleading to the world to please join hands with me financially and materially to help save the poor and to keep the good work of our Lord going, no amount is too small or too big.
God bless you all as you contribute to save the poor.

rock bottom

Westdub33, Dublin

get out of rut

Single Mom... please help with rent and bills!


I am a struggling single mom of a beautiful 9 year old boy. I recently had my part time hours at work cut in half and my son and I are close to being out on the street. I am newly single and neither, my son nor I, have ever been in such a volatile situation. I am working on finding another job that will better support the two of us, as i continue on in job interviews daily. Until then i am praying that i am able to keep our home and family life just as it has always been and hopefully providing my son with some stability. We desperately need your help and would be forever grateful to anyone who would lend us a helping hand in our time of need. Help with rent payments and or bills would be nothing short of a miracle to me- thank you,

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